The Powers are the additional super abilities to your role (card) that can completely change the flow of the game. They can either simplify or complecate it immensely that even the old hand mafiosi will be slightly shocked by the end of the game.
Players recieve 1 or 2 cards of powers face down so that no one of the neighbors can see them. 

The level of streghth of the power.

It is used by Day. You simply tell the moderator that you want to use a power and disclose the card to the city.

It is used at Night. As soon as the last roles finished shooting (Lola, Maniac), the moderator will announce: "Who wants to use a power?" Those who want it, raise their hands up showing any number with their fingers, the moderator will use each one separately, saying the number of fingers you have shown.

 For example, you have shown 3 fingers at Night. When you hear the Moderator saying "Three fingers!", you can safely wake up and use your power on someone. 


  • All the powers can be used only once and they disappear after activation.
  • You cannot show the cards with powers until the very moment of their usage. They will be abolished and taken away by the Moderator. It is not a part of the game!  
  • You cannot read aloud the text of the power to the whole City but only retell in your own words.
  • Deaths caused by powers are not announced at Night - only the bodies.


No one knows what powers you have... Why not invent a little story about the polygraph (see below), for example, and the "proven" Mafia? Even though you do not have such power.